Real Testimonials from Real People

Some of our associates have created videos showing that the real estate training systems are successful, and you don’t need to be wealthy or have experience to get started with your career in real estate investing.

Our testimonials are from all walks of life. We’ve helped everyone from stay at home parents to people who work multiple jobs, from doctors to Lawyers, CPAs, Accountants, Contractors and  even real estate professionals whom you will meet at any one of our events. Some of our associates invest part time while others have been able to fire their boss and invest full time.

Each testimonial is from a student who has gone through our training and has completed at least one successful real estate transaction. Usually the first deal is the hardest, but with this nationwide real estate investment community, you will have the support to work with us as long as you need.

Learn from well established Real Estate Investors while networking with Investors from all walks of life. We’ve helped everyone from accountants to stay at home moms. Some of our members invest part time for residual income while others have been able to fire their boss to invest full time. You can learn basic fundamental Real Estate Investing principals to advanced topics such as Wholesaling, Fix and Flip, Seller Financed Notes, Subject To Investing, Lease Options, and many more.

Once we know you are serious about changing your financial future, we will happily spend time to answer any questions you may have. Register using the form provided and you will be invited to meet with us in person.

Since working with Jo Anna, I have learned so much about real estate and how to put a deal together step by step. I’m excited to have earned money through creative real estate.  She has the patience and the leadership I was looking for.


The only obstacle I can think of for not working with Jo Anna is my own lack of understanding the process which would limit my moving forward. I learned a lot about the real estate industry that I had not known prior to working with Jo Anna and if I did not understand something she would try to explain it in a way that I could comprehend. She is knowledgeable, thorough and dedicated to help you succeed and that is why I would recommend working with her. She will help you break those barriers that prevent you from your success in real estate.

Pam Barrett

The biggest thing in my way of working with Joanna was that I wasn’t clear on the process of building wealth through real estate, I didn’t have clarity on how things work. With working with her, I get clear steps and guidance on what steps to take in making decision in my real estate wealth building. Joanna is so well versed in different areas of wealth, including tax strategies and owning a small business and how to maximize both that she is able to explain how the pieces fit together. Working with Joanna I was able to achieve creative ways to get $75 in funding for my first investment purchase, and I’m well on the way to purchase my first investment property! I would absolutely recommend Joanna if you own a small business and are looking to build wealth through creative real estate, she is a fountain of knowledge!


I cannot describe how grateful I am. I would have never imagine that my mortgage loan and car loan could be paid off within 3 years and 1 month without making any drastic financial changes. Your program literally saved me $55K on mortgage interest that I was never aware the bank was making of my loan.

I am sincerely appreciate the fact that you took time and effort to explain.  With your help I was able to save $300 instantly within days of enrolling in your program. Its empowering to be able to manage 100% of my hard earned money online to pay off my house in record time.

ChuzinSchool Teacher

I thought I knew a little bit about real estate investing, I knew nothing.  I’ve learned so much.  Jo Anna is very Knowledgeable and patient with me.  What I know now is Amazing


I brought my daughter to a cashflow game night. She is 14 and was getting frustrated with it. Jo Anna Stepped up to help her. My daughter totally grasped on to It and couldn’t talk about nothing else on the way home. She learned so much and recently helped my wife with a financial real estate situation and she was right. My hats off to Jo Anna for going above and beyond to help my daughter.

Jose T

What a difference a mentor can make! I have been a small business owner for 20+ years and learned more about creating real wealth in my business in 1 day with Jo Anna Wright than in 20 years of working with professional accountants. I brought Jo Anna on as a wealth building coach earlier this year and have learned how to keep more money in my business, and found the knowledge and confidence needed to start learning about real estate investing. I’m actively looking for investment properties, and my husband and I have a clear strategy on how to use real estate as a way to fast track our retirement. Thank you Jo Anna! If you’re looking to build real wealth in your life you need to meet Jo Anna. She will work with you to develop a unique and comprehensive approach and get you finally thinking more about building financial wealth, because making money is only one part of the equation.

Abigail Tiefenthaler
Abigail Tiefenthalerfounder Sweetspot Strategies, Inc.