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Register to Attend a Real Estate Investor Networking/Training Event We Have Over 25 Offices Across the Nation!

Most of our wealth building events such as orientations, follow ups, cash flow games are all free. Special training workshops could range anywhere from $30 to $100 per event for guests, but free for active community members. We have associates across the nation, so register to watch an online orientation or simply contact Jo Anna Wright, event organizer, to schedule your orientation and Real Estate Investor Strategy Session. The California cities that we currently host wealth building events in include Stockton, Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and across the Nation in Arizona, Utah, Chicago, Hawaii (Maui & Oahu), Atlanta/Marietta/Tyrone, Florida, New Jersey, New York City, and more. If there is no team in your area, register for a webinar and then once you’ve attended, we can set up a time and discuss how we will help you start a group in your local area.

We have over 25+ Offices Nationwide. We are an independent team of organizers, so our calendars may vary. To join our team or schedule a Real Estate Investment Strategy Session – contact Jo Anna Wright for details !

Jo Anna Wright,
Stockton, California,
Realtor, Investor & Mentor
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