We Get Our Training From Millionaire Real Estate Investor and Instructors!

Why call them millionaire instructors? Because that what our Renatus Real Estate Investor Instructors are. These instructors are a hand-selected team of practicing real estate investing experts that not only have a passion for real estate, but a passion for teaching. This esteemed group of professionals has a vast amount of experience and wisdom and they look forward to sharing their wealth of knowledge with you.

Would You Like to be Trained by Seasoned Real Estate Professionals?

EPIC Real Estate Investors Network helps promote our wide network of real estate investors who host many nationwide events through Real Estate Workshops, Investor Briefings, Cash Flow Games, and Full Day Trainings. Our Nationwide and Local Mentors train on various Real Estate Investing Topics such as: Weekly Mastermind Coaching & Training and Deal or No Deal Meetings to discuss community member’s Real Estate deals, and other full day trainings such as in Social Media Training, Self Directed IRA’s Planning, Multi-Unit Investments, Tax & Legal Strategies, Marketing Strategies and our Online Training Programs which have separated EPIC Real Estate Investors Network from anyone else out there in the current market.

We provide world-class, real estate investing and entrepreneurial education that enables students from various backgrounds and experience levels to tap into the knowledge needed to grow a profitable real estate investment portfolio and business. EPIC Real Estate Investors Network is whole-heartedly committed to ongoing excellence and state-of-the-art learning for our students. EPIC Real Estate Investors Network works with one of the Premiere Real Estate Investor Training Companies in the Nation. Their comprehensive real estate investor educational program have taught thousands of people honest and ethical investment strategies that have made their students millions of dollars

With a wide variety of training and real estate workshops to bring to you, some of our events will be paid, some free, depending on the location and the expert presenting. No matter what, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, it’s important that YOU attend each and every real estate workshop that you can. Just by meeting someone, or gaining a small piece of knowledge, you could save you thousands on your future transactions. .